We're Personal Effects

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Our Promise to You

In order for us to create an awesome product for you a few things have to happen. First, we ask for your design to do a mock-up and an estimate. This typically takes a few days, but may require more time if your design is more complicated. Once your design is to your satisfaction and approved, we can get to the fun part! We will order your product or you can provide us with your own. Then the magic happens in our workshop and we will have your items available in 2-3 weeks. We cut out the middle man so you get to work directly with us. This means you are guaranteed a quality product to your specifications for a reasonable price from a trusted source.

Why It Takes So Long

We want to make sure that everything turns out exactly the way you want it. Our work is not only a reflection of us, but it is also a reflection of you! We want you to wear/use your product proudly, and hopefully send others our way.

Items available in our online store will be shipped upon receipt of your order.